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What’s your Mountopia? Mountopia is a compound word of Mountain + Utopia. To us, a Mountopia is a dream one has of the mountains – whether it’s making it to the summit, or simply taking on a new mountain expedition, we want to help you fulfill your mountain dreams. Join the challenge for the chance to win one of four spots for the ultimate Ultra Running project with Dynafit. The goal: run the Grossglockner Ultra-Trail – 110 kilometers & 6,500 meters of vert in 2 days.

Dynafit Mountopia

01Build your Profile

May 14th – June 4th: Sign up for the challenge, create your profile and show us why you think you are the right one for this unforgettable experience. Share your profile on your social channels and convince them to vote you into the 2nd round.

02Challenge Yourself

June 18th – July 9th: The top 20 participants with the best profiles will be selected to compete in the final challenge, which is 3 weeks long. During these 3 weeks, the 20 best participants will compete against each other and see who can run the most kilometers and vertical meters in this timeframe.

03Win Mountopia

July 23rd, 2019: we will select four out of the 20 finalists for the final Mountopia project. These finalists will then have the opportunity to run the Grossglockner Ultra-Trail in 2 days with a team of Dynafit athletes and mountain guides.

Grossglockner Ultra-Trail in 2 days.
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A Mountopia Challenger

This is Mountopia 2019

110 kilometers, 6,500 meters of vert, in 2 days: Run the Grossglockner Ultra-Trail together with Dynafit athletes and mountain guides. You will need a whole lot of endurance, a fighting spirit and the willingness to think as a team in order to get through these 2 days. It will be challenging, this trail will push your physical limits, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Kalser Tauern2.5182
Kapruner Törl2.6393
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What you win.

You will win a 2-day Ultra Running tour and everything in-between. Dynafit will cover travel expenses and all accommodations during the 2-day event, plus food, drinks and support from mountain guides. In addition to the 2-day guided tour, the winners will also receive a big surprise package of Dynafit gear and apparel. This Ultra Running tour will be held at end of August 2019.

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