Terms of Participation

Established by:

Dynafit - Oberalp S.p.a with registered office in 39100 Bolzano, Via Waltraud Gebert Deeg, 4, CF n. 00122250210, in accordance with the standards referred to in the following articles.

Authorized individual:

Dr. Oliva Giuseppe, CF LVOGPP49R13M088E – residente a Varese via Salvore 43

The female form is equivalent to the male form in these rules and regulations; merely for the sake of simplicity, the male form has been selected.

1. Contest Name


2. Type of Sweepstake

Prize contest.

3. Scope of Contest

Limited contest: open only for registered users on www.dynafit.com/account

4. Contest Period

From 28.02.2020 to 05.09.2020.

5. Eligibility

User’s min. 18 years of age residing in Italy and abroad – users with an account on www.dynafit.com. People who are sponsored by any brand are not allowed to participate in the contest.

6. Guidelines and Prizes

Mountopia is divided into two periods:
First period 28.02.2020 – 03.03.2020: Application Period
Second period 04.03.2020 – 16.03.2020: Decision Period

First period: 28.02.2020 – 03.03.2020

To enter the contest, the user has to register on www.dynafit.com/account and create a profile with their personal data and a dedicated password. On February 28th, 2020 all registered users receive an e-mail with the link to enter the contest. The applicants for the contest have to fill an application form containing demographical and personal data as well as a letter of motivation and image upload. The users must give consent to the processing of personal data. The users may share their contest entry the contents submitted on their social network.

Second period: 04.03.2020 – 16.03.2020

In the second period the four (4) winners will be drawn by a dedicated contest jury. The jury’s choice will rely on the reason entered by the user and the photos uploaded based on the Dynafit brand, which will be distinguished by their originality, passion and commitment for the mountainside, in the theme of trail running, ski touring and ski mountaineering.

The jury will choose at its sole discretion four (4) winners out of all the contest entries.

The winners of this first phase will be notified by e-mail on March 17th, 2020.

The selected individual will have maximum one week from the notification to accept the entry into the second phase.

In the event of refusal or in the event that the winner does not confirm the win, we will proceed with contacting a backup until 10 participants have been chosen for the final phase.

The names selected for the FINAL phase will be published on the Dynafit.com website.

Winner communication: 17.03.2020

On March 17th, 2020 the four (4) winners will be published.


Each of the 4 winners will participate at the DYNAFIT Transalpine Run from 29.08.2020 – 05.09.2020.

  • 8 days trail running race organized by Plan B Event.
  • 8 nights in a 2-3 stars hotel all inclusive.
  • Transfers from and to the arrival airport, train station or bus
  • Transportation from the hotel to the location where the activity is carried out and vice versa.

DYNAFIT Equipment for four winners á 3850 Euro (x 4 persons = 15.400 Euro)

ProductSuggested Retail Price
Glockner Ultra Gore Tex Shakedry Print Jacket330,00 €
Ultra S-Tech Jacket120,00 €
Ultra S-Tech T-Shirt95,00 €
Vert Race Tank55,00 €
React Bra50,00 €
Glockner Ultra 2in1 Shorts120,00 €
Alpine Pro 2in1 Short80,00 €
Ultra Pro 15 Backpack130,00 €
Ultra Pole165,00 €
Flask 250 ML10,00 €
Alpine Pro Shoe155,00 €
Elevation Hybrid Jacket190,00 €
Sum DYNAFIT equipment for 1 winner1.500,00 €

Other ExpensesCosts
Registration fee for Dynafit Transalpine Run900,00 €
Hotel (9 nights)450,00 €
Travel expenses (flights, transport etc.)1000,00 €
Sum other expensen2.350,00 €
Sum total3.850,00 €

If the size or colour desired is not available an item of equal or higher value will be selected.

7. General Rules

Entry via robots or other manipulators is not permitted.

Upon submitting the entry the users must declare in the appropriate entry form that the data provided is true.

If it is not, the users will be eliminated from the contest.

The data memorized by the application will be saved on a server located in Italy, as indicated in the appropriate declaration which is an integral part of these rules and regulations.

Participation in the contest requires the user to unconditionally and completely accept the rules and clauses contained herein without any limitation.

Participation in the contest is free, however the users are responsible for the connection costs, which depend on the configuration of the computer and the internet connection contract signed by the individual user.

When you submit pictures and other content to our contest, you agree with the reuse of the contents for promotional purposes, especially but not exclusively for the usage on Facebook, our website and our Instagram pages. Accordingly you grant us all the required rights, especially the right to publish and edit your contents, as well as the right to make the contents publicly available for a third party and extend the given rights to others (e.g. Instagram).

The submitted contents must not violate the rights of a third party, protected brand, sign, title or other protected names, copyrights, personal rights or any other related rights.

Submissions that violate the rights of a third party will be excluded from the raffle as well as the participant right after the violation of rights becomes known. The users shall release Dynafit from any claims for compensatory damages by third parties, attributable for example to copyright and privacy infringement.

In addition, Dynafit reserves itself the right to delete illegal content and depending on the circumstances report the criminal relevant actions of the user to the prosecuting authority and seize all other legal steps necessary to end the violation of rights, prevent future violation of rights and avert damage from DYNAFIT.

7.1 Winnings

Each of the winners will be notified of the win via e-mail and/or telephone, indicated in the contest entry submitted, within 7 days and must accept the win in writing.

The total price will be about 15.400 EUR.

The prize won cannot be converted into cash.

Dynafit reserves the right to change the date and place of the prizes in the event of bad weather or lack of availability.

The winners of the prizes consisting of events must obtain mandatory full-coverage travel insurance at their own expense and send it to Oberalp before departure. For the final winner Dynafit reserves itself the right to request a medical statement to insure a very good state of health. Dynafit cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries occurring during the participation in the contest and during the fulfilment of the final winning project.

For the prizes consisting of products, Dynafit reserves the right to change the prize with another of equal or greater value, always within the same product type, in the event the size/colour requested is not available.

7.2 Delivery of Prizes

The prizes will be delivered to the winner within 180 days from the date they are assigned.

Phase 1:
The total value of prize per person 3.850 Euro divided in equipment Dynafit and excursion (x 4 people =15.400 Euro).

Prizes Guarantee
In order to guarantee the prizes up for grabs, the company has requested a special bank guarantee equalling the total value of said prizes.

VAT non-deductibility
In accordance with Art. 19 of Law 449 of 27/Dec/1997, Value Added Tax non-deductibility will be applied on the acquisition of prizes consisting of taxable goods for tax purposes.

7.3 Waiver of Recourse

The promoting company declares to waive the recourse for the tax levied on the total value of the prizes and to directly pay the amount due within the statutory time limits.

Unassigned or Uncollected Prizes
The prizes that are not assigned or are not collected will be donated to the following charity:
ONLUS: CARITAS Diocesi Bolzano-Bressanone – Via Cassa di Risparmio 1 – 39100 Bolzano – Tax Code 80003290212

7.4 Personal Data

DYNAFIT (Oberalp S.p.A.) will use the personal data for the purposes of carrying out the contest and, where authorized, to send informative and promotional communications, even of a business nature, via the DYNAFIT newsletter. In full compliance with Art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003.